The Library

Coworking Space and Climate Hub

The Library is a state-of-the-art energy and climate optimized office space situated in the beautiful open plan industrial building that once hosted the Nørrebro public library. Today The Library is an office space for climate start-ups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to join forces and work for a sustainable future.

To further out vision for a greener future, The Library x Klimaforeningen provides thought-leading speakers, workshops and other events on the topics of climate change, the green transition, circular economy and more. Klimaforeningen is a Danish non-profit organisation devoted to raising awareness of and combating climate change and its negative consequences for the global population.

Our vision is to make The Library in Bragesgade a melting pot for climate-focused companies and young entrepreneurs to scale up and grow. 

Besides being a state-of-the-art energy and climate optimized office building, The Library is a forum for co-creation, synergies, projects and entrepreneurial ideas with a clear and viable sustainable profile.

Ideas and solutions arise in inspiring and inclusive environments, and we want to engage with the local community through social events, education, workshops, panel discussions, talks and much more.

Kim Bek, Partner

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